A New Chapter

February 25, 2018


Last January when I set some challenging health and fitness goals for myself, I never anticipated that it would spiral into so many other areas of my life.


It's been a trans-formative year for me.


The changes have helped me remember my passion for sharing whatever it is I'm learning with anyone who wants to know.


This blog is my medium for sharing.


My mentor (and rock star life coach) Jody Moore has encouraged me to set goals that scare me.


And this space does just that. It's scary.


It's also really, really exciting for me.


I want this blog to become a place where I can share whatever it is I'm learning with anyone who desires to up-level their life, and that it will prepare me reach my future goal of helping others the way that Jody has helped me.


It's the beginning of a new chapter, a new and improved life.


Bring it on, baby.


PC: Allison Adams, Acadia National Park at Sunrise.


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