Be Ye Therefore Perfect...Eventually

February 25, 2018

There is so much wisdom in the messages taught twice a year in LDS General Conference. I love to listen and re-listen to the talks because they are so applicable to life and they help me stay connected to God.


Elder Holland gave his most recent address on perfection. It is something I have been pondering often lately. I am a recovering perfectionist myself and his message really spoke to me when I listened (and then re-listened) to it last week. There are so many gems of wisdom in it that I taught a lesson on it in church this past Sunday.


"As children of God, we should not demean or vilify ourselves, as if beating up on ourselves is somehow going to make us the person God wants us to become. No! With a willingness to repent and a desire for increased righteousness always in our hearts, I would hope we could pursue personal improvement {without} feeling depressed or demolishing self-esteem. That is not what the Lord wants for Primary children or anyone who honestly sings, "I'm trying to be like Jesus."


I'm a big believer that no lasting positive self-change comes from beating ourselves up. It comes from self-compassion. And if we can't honestly get there, getting curious is a good place to start. Truly, we must be so gentle with ourselves.


The more I am patient and compassionate with myself and my endless shortcomings, the more I am able to be patient and compassionate with everyone around me.


"Every one of us aspires to a more Christlike life than we often succeed in living. If we admit that honestly and are trying to improve, we are not hypocrites, we are human...If we persevere, then somewhere in eternity our refinement will be finished and complete--which is the New Testament meaning of perfection."


I love that meaning of perfection. Because through the grace of Christ and His atonement, we can all reach that level of perfection...




Complete talk found here.



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