Great Expectations

February 14, 2019


I asked Ryan the other day his opinion on the secret to a happy marriage.


You know what he said?


"Low Expectations."


I burst out laughing.


And I couldn't agree more.


Brooke Castillo talks about how we have manuals for the relationships in our lives:


  • "A good husband should always know exactly what his wife wants for her birthday..."

  • "He will remember to take out the trash if he loves me..."

  • "If he respected me, he'd call and let me know he was running late at work."

When we don't have expectations of what our spouse should or shouldn't do,


then we don't have to be disappointed if/when they don't live up to those expectations.


Because, NEWSFLASH, sooner or later, they won't.


Now don't get "low expectations" confused with not making requests.


Make requests of your spouse all the live long day if you want!


But if they don't follow through with those requests,


you don't have to get angry or upset or make it mean something about you.


Instead you can focus your energies on solving the problem:



  • "You hate taking out the trash? Me too! Let's teach one of our kids to do it so neither one of us ever has to do it again!"

When you take away expectations, it makes more room for fun.


More room for love.


Where in your relationships have you created a manual?


Throw it away, friend!

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