Send it in a Letter

February 25, 2018


This morning I took a few minutes to write a couple of letters, one to my sister for her birthday, and one to a friend going through a hard time. 


You know what happened as I was writing those letters? I felt so much love for those wonderful people in my life. So much love.


It was an instant positivity boost as I thought and then wrote to them about the things I love about them. 


I didn't do it so they would write me a letter back.


Or so I could try to get them to think about me in a certain way. 


I did it because I wanted to feel love for them. 


I guess it was a selfish reason if you really think about it. 


Shawn Achor, Harvard professor and happiness researcher, claims that engaging in random, conscious acts of kindness each day--like taking two or three minutes to compliment someone on social media, making a phone call expressing admiration, or writing a kind letter---is one of the 5 keys to increasing our happiness each day. 


I'm all about increasing the happiness.


Give it a try and get ready to feel the love.



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