Thoughts on President Monson

February 25, 2018

 Since hearing of the passing of President Monson, I have reflected on his life and how his example has blessed me personally. I am saddened to think that we won't hear from him at General Conference again, but I can't help but smile when I think of the sweet reunion that must have taken place between him and his dear wife and other loved ones in heaven.


Of all the messages he taught, the one that stands out to me is how wonderfully he served people individually. He made a special place in his heart for the widows and the weak. I love his Christlike example.




My favorite message given by him was a conference address in April 2009 titled "Be of Good Cheer". 





For anyone feeling discouraged or depressed about life, it will surely brighten your mood.


Elder Holland told a deeply touching story about President Monson a couple of years ago. His words are so poignant that I will end with his account:

I pay a personal tribute to President Thomas Spencer Monson. I have been blessed by an association with this man for 47 years now, and the image of him I will cherish until I die is of him flying home from then–economically devastated East Germany in his house slippers because he had given away not only his second suit and his extra shirts but the very shoes from off his feet. “How beautiful upon the mountains [and shuffling through an airline terminal] are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace.” More than any man I know, President Monson has “done all he could” for the widow and the fatherless, the poor and the oppressed.


-Jeffrey R. Holland


What a Christlike example. He didn't just talk the talk. He lived an exemplary life of love and service. 

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