Take Care Of Yourself, Girl!

February 26, 2018


Are you in the habit of practicing self-care?


I'm not really talking about the spa-day, manis-and-pedis, treat-yo-self kind of self-care (though all of those are great).


I'm talking about the positive-self-talk kind of self-care.


Let's say you mindlessly eat half a box of Oreos.


Instead of beating yourself up about it with thoughts like, "I have not self-control. I'm such a cotton-headed ninny muggins!" You might instead direct your thoughts to,


"Huh. I wonder why I ate half a box of Oreos?


Could I be stressed about something?


What was I thinking about right before I did that?


What is it I really need? (hint: the answer isn't more Oreos)."


Curiosity leads to compassion


And compassion leads to love.


Lasting change comes from love.


You know what never leads to change?


Hating yourself.


No one in the history of ever made lasting positive changes from a shameful place.




You can't hate yourself healthy.


You can't hate yourself into being the kind of mom you think you should be (believe me, I've tried).


You have to come from a place of love and compassion.


If you can't get there, curiosity is a great place to start.


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