"I'm Just So Overwhelmed!"

March 5, 2018


Do you get overwhelmed?


I do. 






Endless to-do lists.


Church responsibilities.


Parent/teacher Organizations.


Gotta exercise.


Eat right.


Feed my family (again).


Did you know that overwhelm is a feeling? 


Feelings are caused by our thoughts...


and we have the power to change our thoughts if we don't like the feelings that they are creating.


Our brains try to sell us on overwhelm. 


I think it's because,


sometimes, it's easier to be overwhelmed than it is to get to work.


Work is hard.


Work sometimes means putting youself out in the world.


If we buy into overwhelm, our brain gives us a pass. 


Then we can just binge-watch The Great British Baking Show.


That sounds a lot easier than work.


Sadly, Paul and Mary are fantastic, but watching them all day won't ever help us fulfill our dreams.


Or clean our bathrooms.


Are you indulging in overwhelm?


"There's so much to do!"


"I don't even know where to begin!"


"I've just got way too much on my plate."


So instead of tackling your to-do list, you do nothing at all. 


Sound familiar?


So how do you get out of overwhelm?


You start thinking new thoughts:


"I have time to get the most important things done."


"I know exactly where to begin. I'll clean the toilets."


"I am a rock star. I can totally handle everything on my plate."


Decide not to indulge in overwhelm. 


It will change your life.

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