The Lesson I Learned from a Fork

March 6, 2018


A couple of weeks ago during a layover I found myself rushing through the airport, searching for something to eat before catching my next flight.


 After grabbing a salad to-go, I picked up one of those utensil packets complete with a fork, knife, spoon, and napkin.


Immediately the thought popped into my head: "Grab another one of those."


'Huh?' I asked myself in my head. 'Why? I'm all alone and I have no plans to share my lunch with the stranger who will sit next to me on the plane. One is plenty.'


"No, really," the voice inside my head answered back, "Grab another one."


Chalking it up to either inspiration or being a crazy lady in an airport talking to herself, I didn't question again, and I grabbed a second packet.


An hour later, while flying from Minneapolis to Portland, I pulled out my salad.


I opened the first utensil packet.


It contained a knife, a spoon, and a napkin.


No fork.


I smiled to myself.


I was inspired.


As I grabbed the second utensil packet, complete with fork, the thought came to me:


'Heavenly Father knows enough about me and my life, and he cares enough about me, that He prompted  me so I wouldn't have to try to eat my salad.on a plane.with a spoon.'


He loves you that much too. Look for all the ways He manifests it in your life.


I know you'll find them.

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