Three Ways to be Your Own Bestie

March 6, 2018


Are you a good friend to yourself?


Some days that is easier said than done.


We can't fathom saying to a friend the sorts of degrading things we say to ourselves all the time inside our heads.


Here are 3 ways you can start being your own best friend:


1. Start noticing your thoughts. Are you kind to yourself? If not, don't beat yourself up about beating yourself up! Get curious about your thoughts instead. Start thinking about your thinking in a non-judgmental way ('I wonder why I am so hard on myself when I lose my temper with my kids. Am I expecting perfection from myself? Is that a realistic goal?')


2. Take care of yourself. Are you eating foods that fuel your body well? Are you getting the rest you need? Make that kind of self-care a priority in your life.  Next time you think, "I deserve that treat, it's been a long day"--really question that thought. Are you sure that's what you need? I would argue that what you really need is healthy food that fuels your body well.


3. Be someone you can count on. If you make a commitment to yourself, follow through. "I just didn't feel like it" isn't a response you would give to a friend if you stood them up for a lunch date. Don't settle for that excuse for yourself if, say, you commit to exercising tomorrow morning. You do it whether you feel like it or not, because you said you would.



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