Value Beyond Measure

March 12, 2018

Hey mama.


I know that you've been told you are valuable and worthy just as you are. 


Do you believe it? 


Like, really believe it? 


I've been singing the primary song "I am a Child of God" my whole life. 


But the distractions and pulls of the world make it easy to forget. 


Little sneaky thoughts enter my brain sometimes.


They are so subtle that, if I'm not paying attention, I often don't even know they're there.


They pop into my head in the most innocent and unsuspecting places...


while scrolling through instagram...


'I'll never have a house that fancy...'


or at night when I'm replaying the events of the day in my mind...


thoughts like, 


'If I were a better mom I would have been more patient with my kids today.' 


But you know what? 


Thinking small about ourselves doesn't build us up.


It keeps us from growing. 


It holds us back.


How can we work to remove the distractions that pull us toward the world and instead turn our hearts to God?


Distractions like thoughts of self-doubt.


Bad habits.


The urge to focus on the negative about ourselves and our lives. 


 I love what Joy Jones said about turning toward our Savior:


"He saves us from ourselves."


He can help us overcome self-doubt.




even bad habits. 


But we need to stop giving so much energy to our weaknesses and shortcomings. 


And we need to trust Him and love Him enough to remove the distractions that pull us away from Him. 


Inspiration for this post came from this talk by Joy Jones. 


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