Choosing Abundance

March 14, 2018



This past weekend we celebrated my son's birthday by taking the family bowling. 


A conversation started on the way there about how this upcoming Wednesday was Pi day.


Does your family geek out and celebrate Pi day? 


We do, and for us it means a favorite family meal:


Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. 


I don't make it very often.


Pie crust for me doesn't exactly fall into the "30 minute meals" category. 


So it only happens once or twice a year.


But back to our car ride...


Once my kids found out that Wednesday meant chicken pot pie, cheers came from the back two rows of our Sienna.


Cheers from all but one child, that is.


"I never get to have chicken pot pie on the same week as my birthday. Not fair!" he grumbled.


Wait, what? 


Everyone will get to eat chicken pot pie in a few days, and he is mad because his brother gets to eat it in the same week as his birthday? 


But he gets to eat it, too!


Pie for everybody!


Win/win, buddy!


He doesn't see it that way. 


Because he's stuck in scarcity. 


If my brother wins, I must lose. 


Now, while my son's outlook is normal and natural, it isn't exactly serving him very well. 


People with the scarcity mentality see life as only having "so much", 


If you win, that means I must lose.


Someone else's success automatically means that I am a failure.


But we don't have to view life that way.


The abundance mentality says that there is plenty of success, joy, peace, and happiness for EVERYBODY. 


Viewing life through abundance is a happy way to live. 


So how do we view life more abundantly?


According to Stephen Covey, 


"The abundance mentality flows from a deep inner sense of personal worth and security."


If you struggle with scarcity mentality (don't we all from time to time?), Covey recommends associating with people who live with the abundant mentality. 


Remind yourself that happiness for someone else doesn't mean sadness for you. 


Abundance is contagious.


Can you find abundance in your life?

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