4 Life Lessons From the "This Is Us" Season Finale

March 16, 2018


Did you watch it? If not, don't go any further until you do unless you enjoy a reading about your favorite television show as opposed to actually watching it. 


You've been warned. 


I, like the rest of America, love This Is Us. 


I mean c'mon, it's one of the best television shows in history. 




The acting.


The drama.


The depth of the characters. 


I could go on and on. 


Here are 4 life lessons to be learned from this week's finale:


1. Siblings relationships are irreplaceable. 


Watching Kevin and Randall coordinate Kate's wedding for her was so sweet. 


And hilarious.


Seeing them wander aimlessly in search of her was touching. 


Even listening to Kevin blow up at Randall on the phone was endearing. 


In fact, when my kids are fighting (especially on days when I have a little perspective), I try to tell myself,


'There is no better place for my children to learn how to fight and how to get along with other humans than in a family with their siblings.'


And can I just be a member of The Big Three, pretty please?


2. Playing "Worst Case Scenerio" might have an upside.


Talk about both humorous and heart-wrenching, right? 


I loved when Beth and Randall played the game.


And even more when Randall taught the game to Kevin.


Talking about your worst fears might seem counter-productive, but it does bring them out of hiding. 


Fear and shame love to hide.


It was clear that both Kevin and Randall felt a lot of guilt about their respective relationships with their sister.


But revealing those fears to someone trustworthy was therapeutic and healing.


3. You can't always guess what others are thinking and feeling, even if you know them well. 


Rebecca was so worried that she had somehow said something offensive to Kate during their phone call. 


But she was completely wrong. 


Kate was "going through her own stuff" and it didn't have anything to do with what her mother said to her over the phone.


How often does that happen in real life? 


We see every one else's lives through the lenses of our own. 


We think we've said something or done something that someone took offense to, when in reality they were "going through their own stuff" and we completely misinterpreted their thoughts.


The reality is, none of us can really know what people are thinking and feeling unless we ask them.


And don't you just love what Kate said to Rebecca just before they embraced??


"You are not in my way. You are my way."




Bring on the mother/daughter healing.


4. Our futures can be bright, even amidst trials.


We got a glimpse into some heavy trials that await the Big Three.


But trials can and will make us stronger if we let them. 




Strained relationships.


Even the death of a loved one can strengthen us and give us empathy. 


Remember, the obstacle is the way. 


Can't wait for Season 3. 

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