"Just Like Me"

March 28, 2018



Most of us have one person in our life who is especially "difficult" for us to be around.


Can you think of your person?


Maybe it's your sister.


Or sister-in-law.


Maybe it's your son.


Or that coworker.


It might be your husband.


Play a little game with me and picture that person in your mind's eye for just a minute.


Are you thinking of all the things that are hard for you to love about them?




Now think, just for a moment, about how this "difficult" person is 






'She is looking for validation and love...


just like me.'


'She loves her children...


just like me.'


'She hates being embarrassed...


just like me.'


'She has hopes and dreams...


just like me.'


'She wants to be accepted for who she is...


just like me.'


'She is a human being...


just like me.'


The moment we put ourselves in the shoes of another person, 


even when they are hard for us to love...


especially when they are hard for us to love...


we break down a barrier inside us.


People are hard to hate close up. 


When we try--really try--to understand their situation and their point of view-- 


we realize that we have so much more in common than we ever might have thought. 


This practice can instantly soften your heart and open you up to love. 


The good news is, you can do it with anyone!


For example, while driving to pick up my kids from school, I might get cut off by another driver on the road.


My instinct is to be irritated. 


"Pay attention! Slow down! Don't you know I have precious cargo in this minivan?!"


But then I remember "just like me" and I think,


'That man is wanting to get where he's going quickly,'


Just like me.


'He is picking up his kids from school,'


Just like me.


'I bet he loves his children very much,'





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Pema Chodron came up with the game, "Just Like Me."

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