Three Ways to Live a Better Life with Less

March 30, 2018

Andrea, from @do.a.lot.with.a.little writes today's post on minimalism. She is passionate about living a better life with less and shares her family's experience over the past couple of years that helped spark this love for less. Her three reasons will give you a lot to think about!




I’ll never forget one of our first sit-down family dinners after we’d made a cross country move to a place with little affordable housing. Our family of seven was seated at the kitchen table and one of the kids asked for something that wasn’t already on the table. My husband turned around and grabbed to get it from the counter right behind him, and then said, “You can’t do that in a big house!” We all looked at each other, laughed, and then talked about all the ways life in that 1,200 square foot rental was different from how it was in the spacious home we had left thousands of miles away.


I love big, beautiful houses, but for our family at this time, the opportunity to live the life that wasn't what we had planned was one of the best gifts we had ever been given.


So, you might be wondering: Is it necessary to move my family into a small space in order to be content with less? No! You can learn to be satisfied owning less in any circumstance and in any size of home.


Today I’d love to share three reasons why you can live a better life with less:


  1. Living with less allows you mental space and freedom to pursue the things you really, truly love. When we are consumed with too many belongings and stuff, we can’t focus. Even though you may not realize it, in the back of your mind you are thinking about those boxes that have just been sitting somewhere in your house taking up space. 

    Recently a friend who works as a health coach told me about all of her cake decorating supplies she rarely uses because that isn’t her life anymore. You can say goodbye to those belongings and give them to someone who will love them and use them. This gives you mental space and energy to devote time to a hobby that you are really excited about in this new phase of your life.

  2.  Living with less means you can build better relationships with those around you. Yes! It’s true. I find that when I don’t have that exact tool or thing I need I have to ask someone to borrow it (that one time a year I need it). I will even offer to pay them to rent it for a few hours! I don’t have to store it the rest of the year or maintain it and I can offer to let my neighbor or friend borrow something from me. In this day and age sometimes we feel like we must own it all or we’re losing in some way. Let go of that mentality and build a relationship with a friend or neighbor.

We also have more time for relationships with those we love. By owning less, you have less to take care of.


3. Living with less means you get to put your resources where they count. Whether you choose to buy fewer non-essentials—or to live in a smaller home, you free up resources to do other things.


I have learned that owning less doesn’t mean I don’t get to have any fun toys or things our family wants to have.


Choose what you love, go for it wholeheartedly, and drop the rest from your life.


You won’t regret it.


You can find Andrea Davis on Instagram @do.a.lot.with.a.little or on Facebook @doalotwithalittle.


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