My Brain Likes to Trick Me

February 14, 2019


My brain likes to trick me.


It thinks I constantly need a problem to solve.


If I don't have a big problem in front of me, 


my brain makes one up.


It looks out for problems.


And it always finds them. 


And then I LOVE to complain about said problems.


I'm so good at it, you guys.


Truthfully, my brain is just doing it's job.


It's trying to protect me.


But I don't really need protection from life-or-death challenges the way that my ancestors sometimes did.


I can resist the urge to complain about everything. 


Have you ever paused and just listened to those around you for a few minutes? 


Really listened?


There's a lot of complaining going on.


Research has shown that the average person complains 30 times a day.




Just pay attention next time you go to the grocery store. 


Or a PTO meeting.


You'll hear it.


You know what else research shows? 


People who refrain from complaining rate themselves as happier than those who complain.


They live longer, too.


And they have closer relationships.


I want to be happier.


And live longer.


I want to have closer relationships.


Elder Anthony D. Perkins, in his October 2006 General Conference talk entitled "The Great and Wonderful Love", gave an excellent antidote to what he labels adult-onset pessimism:


"You will experience greater joy in life as you eradicate adult-onset pessimism and substitute childlike optimism. Optimism is a virtue that allows us to see God’s loving hand in the details of our life. A favorite hymn counsels, “Count your many blessings; see what God hath done.”


Count your blessings, mama. 


It will help you become more optimistic.


It will help you see God's hand in the details of your life.


And you can't simultaneously complain and show gratitude, so you might just end up living longer as well.


Statistics on complaining found here.



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