No Problem too Small

April 6, 2018



My family is preparing for a big cross-country move soon.


It's been an emotional month for me as I prepare for all of the upcoming changes.


I can range from sadness to happiness to sadness about being happy and back to happy again all within a matter of minutes. 


I think it's easy for most Christians to believe that Moses parted the Red Sea with the power of God and that Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.


But sometimes we have a much harder time believing that He will help us with our trials.


Does He really care that I'm an exhausted mother trying to juggle way too many balls in the air at the same time?


Does He know that I find it challenging to love my neighbor?


Magnify my calling?


Resist the urge to compare my life with the lives I scroll through on instagram?


Does He really care that I'm feeling sad/happy about starting over with my family 2,500 miles away from our current life?


The answer is YES. 


Yes He does care, very much. 


I recently listened to an excellent speech given by Carolyn Billings to the student body of BYU.


It struck a cord with me and reminded me that all my challenges can be made lighter when I rely on Jesus Christ to help me through them.


She asks the following questions:


"Are you ever like Laman and Lemuel, who didn’t have a problem believing that God could part the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites but who couldn’t believe that God was powerful enough to help them get the plates from the mighty Laban? Or are you ever like me, believing that God helped Moses...but doubting that He would help me through my own difficult struggles? ...Even when you feel that you are alone in the boat, you are never truly alone. Please know you are never truly alone! He will calm the sea for you just as He has done for those who have gone before us. Don’t listen to the voice of Satan that will tell you that Christ sleeps because He doesn’t care if you perish! In fact, the opposite is true."


Christ has commanded us "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;" (Matthew 11:29)


A yoke was a tool used by farmers. It linked one animal to another. Doing this allowed two animals to carry a load that would be too hard for one to carry alone. 


Christ is willing to help us carry ALL our burdens. 


Later in her speech, Billings explains:


 Life isn't meant to always be easy or enjoyable.


But our burdens will be eased as we learn to rely on our Savior.


How can we allow Him to be yoked with us?


By learning of Him.


By following Him.


By serving and loving those around us as He would. 


He will help you.


Even when your biggest trial how emotional you feel about a cross-country move. 


Read or listen to Carolyn Billings' full speech here.


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