Be the Flight Attendant

April 10, 2018



Eight years ago I was diagnosed with melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer.


I had two toddlers at the time a newborn who was nine days old.


The diagnosis was commpletely unexpected.


My mom was in town (to help with our new baby boy) when I received the shocking news.


I still remember her reaction when I told her. 


She was so calm.


So sure that I would be able to tackle this illness.


I remember her encouraging my husband and I to go out to dinner, to take some time away from the kids to process what was happening.


Thinking of her reaction reminds me of a flight attendant on an airplane when there's turbulence.


Have you ever watched the flight attendant when things get bumpy?


I have.


They are always calm.


Confident that the pilot knows what he's doing.


I've actually never seen a flight attendant panic. 


This was my mom during my turbulent time of life.


She was calm.


Confident that God knew what He was doing and that He would help me through.


And He did, by the way. 


I'm very fortunate today to be cancer-free.


I recently asked my mom if she remembered how she was feeling when I told her about my cancer. 


She wasn't quite as calm on the inside as she looked on the outside.


She was worried about me.


And about my young family.


But she knew that I was going through this trial for a reason.


And that she couldn't and shouldn't take it away from me.


Sometimes we believe that our children shouldn't suffer:


They shouldn't be left out of the neighborhood birthday party.


They shouldn't be sad or disappointed.


They shouldn't have health challenges.


It's not fair.


But why do we believe that our children shouldn't suffer?


Of course they should!


Life is all about trials--no one is immune to them.


No one should be. 


Have you ever thought about why they should suffer?


Or how they are going to become stronger because of their trials? 


We all learn something by going through difficult circumstances.


Instead of, 'How can I take this trial away from my child?'


'How can I fix it?'


Why not ask, 'How can I help them learn from this?'


'How can I support them?'


'How can I help them see their struggle from a different perspective?'


Life is all about learning and growing from our trials.


Don't deny that opportunity to your children because it's painful for you to watch.


Believe in them and their ability to overcome any hardship.


Just like my mom believed in me.


Be the flight attendant, mama. 

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