April 10, 2018


I've waxed poetic about Greg McKeown's book, Essentialism, several times on the blog. 


Have you read it?


It was life-changing for me.


Essentialism is defined as "The discipline pursuit of less, but better."


An essentialist is a person who is very deliberate about how they live their life and what they allow to take up their time and energy. 


An essentialist ponders the question often,


'Am I dedicating my time and energy to the things that matter most in my life?'


McKeown gives us a 5 step exercise to practice in order to help us dedicate our time where our top priorities lie:


1. Tonight, make a list of your top five priorities that you'd like to accomplish tomorrow.


2. Now cross off the bottom four.


3. Write your top priority on a post-it note and place it somewhere visible so you can be reminded of it.


4. Schedule time (preferably at the beginning of the day) to tackle your top priority. 


5. Every time you are tempted to check Instagram, or Facebook, or your email, remember that priority and work on it instead.


Now, if my top priority for the day is to ensure that I spend 2 hours of quality time with my four-year-old (reading together, baking something together, and snuggling with him), then every time something sneaks in to distract me (emails, text messages, dirty laundry, dishes, blogging, instagram), I can remind myself:


'This morning is about my boy. Everything else can wait until the afternoon.'


I've made my relationship with him my top priority for the morning.


What obstacles most often prevent you from giving your time to the things that are essential to you?



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