Three Principles of a Happy Marriage

April 10, 2018



I heard it said recently that your marriage is the background music for the rest of your life. 


That totally resonated with me. 


I don't know about you, but I want my life's background music to be a dance party.






An all around great time.


Today I want to share with you 3 Principles of a Happy Marriage:


1. Your relationship with your husband is just the story that you tell yourself.


So tell your self a spectacular story, mama!


I mean, think about it, if I want to feel connected to my husband, the best thing for me to do is think loving thoughts about him.


When I think loving thoughts about him, I automatically notice all his lovable qualities.


And let me tell you, there are many.


Everyone has something to love about them.




I've never actually met Ellen Degeneres, but I am certain we would be besties. I'm totes connected to her. We are BFFS. She just doesn't know it yet. You can feel connected to anyone you want to, even people you have never met. It's all about the story you tell yourself about them. 


2. Guess who is responsible for your emotions, mama?




And only YOU.


That means that your husband doesn't have the power to make you angry.


Or irritate you.


Or hurt your feelings.


Only you can do that by the thoughts you think in your head and what you make situations mean.


Stop giving your emotional remote control over to anyone else in your life.


You know what else?


You aren't responsible for your husband's emotions!


You don't have that kind of power. 


He is responsible for his emotions.


You are responsible for yours.


You get to be a kind and loving wife because you are a kind a loving person, not because you are trying to make him feel a certain way.


Know what that's called?


Emotional maturity, sister!


3. You can choose here and now to love your spouse EXACTLY AS THEY ARE.


You don't have to change them.


Manipulate them.


Control them.


You always have the option to simply LOVE them.


When I'm not sure how to respond to a given situation, I try really hard to ask myself, 'What feels the most like love?


Love for for my for my children.'


I almost always show up better when I pause long enough to ask myself that question. 


You have the power to choose love. 


Now go have a dance party already!


Three principles of a happy marriage taught by Jody Moore.

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