What Will Your Life Look Like in 20 Years?

April 10, 2018


I recently did a little exercise where I envisioned my life 20 years from now.


In 2038.


I'll be turning 60 that year.


I thought about my marriage.


I thought about my children.


I thought about my future grandchildren. 


I imagined myself loving all of the people that my children love (their own children...their spouses...).


I thought about all the dreams and aspirations that I hope for over the next 20 years. 


It was totally worth a few minutes of my time to day dream about it.


Most of us overestimate what we can do in the short-term (hello, endless to-do list!).


But we underestimate all that we can accomplish in the long term. 


Make a 20 year goal today. 


Go big.


Then double that goal.


Triple it.


Ten times it!


What do you need to be doing NOW to reach those big goals in 20 years? 


Are you becoming that person today?

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