Will They Like Me?

January 31, 2019

 This past year, my family moved across the country.


2, 414 miles.


That's a lot of miles. 


As we prepared to start a new life in Montana, 


my children were very nervous.


In the beginning,


so was I.


Being married to a physician, none of us are strangers to moving around, now are we?


I caught myself thinking things like, 'I hope their new classmates like them.'


I remember asking them how they felt about going to a new school.


And I asked them if they were worried about making new friends.


Of course, they were.


So I gave them a little advice.


"If you catch yourself thinking,


'Are they going to like me'?"...


"Instead, try thinking,


'I wonder what I'm going to love about them?'"


It is such a small shift but it changes so much.


It takes the focus off of worry about what others think, 


and instead on looking for the good in other people.


This advice isn't just for kids. 


It helped me, too (and it can help you). 


It helped me to be genuinely interested in getting to know others.


And you know what? 


People tend to like people who listen to them. 


When we stop worrying about how we are being perceived, 


and instead focus genuinely on getting to know others, 


it's so much easier to build relationships.


And it's much more fun, too.


Next time you find yourself facing a big move.


or even just a new situation...


Ask yourself, 


'I wonder what I'm going to love about them?'


Then go find out!


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