Invisible Mom

May 4, 2018



As a mother, I must admit that sometimes it's easy for me to feel invisible. 


Like I'm a magic fairy that gets jobs done: 












But a fairy that no one sees.


And no one really notices my good deeds.


Unless I don't do them. 


It's easy to feel like no one is listening to me:


'Didn't I just ask him to put his lunchbox away?' I question, as the lunchbox remains on the floor in the entryway, next to his backpack and shoes (which are right BESIDE the shoe and coat rack, but not ON it).


The eye definitely sees what the mind is looking for. 


I recently read an inspiring article which was, in part, about the good we do that goes unseen. 


It posed the question:


"What are you building when no one sees?"


A home.


A family.


Small humans that will one day contribute to the world.


Invisibility is a cure for the disease of selfishness.


It is a solution to pride.


As mothers,

as humans, 


our daily acts, over time, build the foundation of a great work.


You are building a great cathedral, 


one brick at a time.


Sometimes it's really messy and hard and we make mistakes.


But we keep on building.


We keep on trying. 


Motherhood takes great bravery. 


You are brave.


We can't always tell how our small everyday acts will influence those around us.


But every sandwich made, 


every runny nose wiped.


Every book read...


each one contributes to the cathedral, the masterpiece that you are creating. 


And remember:


Even when you feel invisible,


even when you feel like no one notices all the hard work you put forth each day, 




You are not invisible to HIM.


Link to the inspiring article on motherhood found here


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