Decisions, Decisions

May 7, 2018



When I was in high school, I took a personality quiz with a friend. 


We were laughing as we answered each question.


I read one of the questions to myself, 'Are you a decisive person?'


I halfway chuckled and then asked my friend, "Hey Matt, would you say I'm decisive?"


He rolled his eyes and laughed, and the irony of the situation resulted in me never forgetting it.


I couldn't even decide if I was decisive or not.


Do you struggle with indecision?


"I just can't decide what color to paint the living room."


"I don't know what to make for dinner."


"I can't decide what I should be doing with my life."


"Should I go back to school?"


"Go back to work?"




Guess what, mama? 

"I don't know" is a lie.


Yes, a lie.


Want to know why?


Because when we tell ourselves 'I don't know' it allows us to stay where we are.


Then we don't have to risk failure.


Failure is vulnerable.


It doesn't feel good.


'I don't know' is safe.


It's comfortable.


But the problem with "I don't know" is that it keeps us right where we are. 


Which means that we don't stretch ourselves.


We don't grow.


We can stay nice and comfortable and safe.


But growth is where the magic happens. 


Failure and discomfort is the currency for an amazing life. 


Next time you find yourself stuck in indecision,


telling yourself, 'I just don't know.'


Ask yourself, "But what if I did know?"


'What if I chose the perfect paint color?'


'What if I had an amazing menu plan?'


'What if I knew exactly what to to with my life?'


'What would the answer be?'


With "harder" decisions, I sometimes will give myself a deadline.


'I'm naming my blog by Friday, no matter what."


This much I do know---successful people don't waste a lot of time in indecision--big decisions or small decisions...


They make a choice and then they choose to love that choice. 


Go forth and decide, mama!


And don't forget to share this post with your most indecisive friend!

































































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