A New Outlook on Mother's Day

May 9, 2018



How do you feel about Mother's day? 


Love it?


Loathe it?


Do you feel glorious or guilt-stricken?


It's a tricky holiday.


But does it have to be?


What if, instead of feeling terrible for not measuring up to the world's (or your brain's) impossible standard of what a good mother "should" be,


you just let it be a day where motherhood is honored?


What if you made it a day where you get to celebrate the many wonderful mothers in your life (including yourself)?


What if, instead of feeling jealous or annoyed while scrolling through instagram's many mother's day posts, 


you just felt gratitude and love that so many mothers are being honored by their families. 


What if, instead of feeling defeated because you didn't get that nap and breakfast in bed, 


you just allowed the people who love LOVE you...however they choose to do that.


Maybe it's with a book of homemade coupons...


maybe it's sticky kisses...


maybe it's a homemade card...


if you're lucky, chocolate just might be involved...


or maybe they don't show you they love you outwardly at all. 


You get to do the job of taking care of YOUR needs, whatever that looks like for you.


Then, on Mother's Day, every other kind gesture is just a bonus.


It's pretty special that there's a day dedicated to the most important job in the world.


You get to choose what kind of day you have.


Have a great Mother's Day, mama.


Mother's Day wisdom:





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