Six Steps to Getting Your Priorities Straight

May 11, 2018



Ask yourself a question:


What are the supremely important things in your life?


Now ask yourself another question:


Are you giving your best resources to the list above?


The most time? 


The most energy?


The most love?


If not, how come?


Are you caught up in the thick of thin things?


If so, this post just might help you prioritize you life. 


Stephen Covey gives us 6 steps to putting "First things First":


1. Identify the most important roles in your life.


2. Study those roles. What does success look like for YOU (not necessarily anyone else) in each of those roles?


3. Select a goal for each role.


4. Organize weekly.


5. Adapt these roles based on principles and integrity (not demanding but unimportant to-dos like your inbox...or instagram feed).


6. Evaluate and reflect--where can I improve next week?


Let's put Covey's steps into an example. 


1. {Identify one of the important roles in your life} For me, one of my roles is Mother. 


2. {What does success look like TO ME as a mother? This will, of course, look different to you:}

-Feeding them.

-Teaching them how to be responsible in the world.

-Holding them accountable for those responsibilities.

-Loving them.


3. {Select a goal} My goal for this week is to take one of my sons out on a one-on-one date (I even write it down in my planner so I don't forget...because I WILL forget).


4. {Organize Weekly} I love planning on Sunday afternoons. It only takes a few minutes and it's come to be a time that I really look forward to.


5. {Adapt these roles based on principles and integrity} My goal for my role as a mother falls under my idea of success being "loving them". Now, if some sort of conflict comes up during that time, I would need to make a decision about whether or not to postpone the date based on principles and integrity, not because "I just didn't feel like going."


6. {Evaluate and Reflect} What went well with our date that I'd like to do again? Where can I improve?


It's so very easy in this day and age to get caught up spending our time and energy doing things that really don't matter to us. 


If you ever fall into that trap, give these simple steps a try. 


It really can make a big difference. 




For more information on putting first things first, check out Covey's life-changing book, The Seven Habity of Highly Effective People.










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