You Should Really Try Starting Your Day Like This

May 16, 2018




Since I was a small child, I've been taught the importance of studying the scriptures daily. 


Greg McKeown, in his book Essentialism, dedicates a section of his book to the importance of starting each day reading what he calls "wisdom literature."


Since I had previously been starting my day scrolling through social media each morning (you know, to avoid the inevitable task of getting out of bed), 


I decided to give "wisdom literature" each morning another try. 


For me that meant reading the Book of Mormon. 


The problem I have always had with doing that is this:


apart from my season as a full-time missionary,


I've never really enjoyed personal scripture study all that much.


I've always known it was important...


and I've had times when I've read consistently...


mostly just because I thought it was the right thing to do...


but not because I actually wanted to do it.


Until about 5 months ago. 


I made a decision that I wanted to be someone who wanted to read the scriptures.


'What does someone who wants to read the scriptures do?' I asked myself. 


'How do they prioritize scripture study in their life?'


It was then that I knew I needed to read first thing in the morning.


It's not the best time for everyone,


but it's the best time for me. 


So I've been getting up early and reading. 


And I keep a small journal with me as well.


In that journal, I write one thing I learned from the scriptures that day. 


Sometimes it's just a sentence. 


Sometimes it's a whole page.


But searching for that one thing and writing about it helps me focus my brain early in the morning.


And it helps me look for ways to apply the scriptures to my life. 


It helps me start my day on the right track. 


Which makes me less likely to derail. 


Not every morning is magical.


Some days I just trudge through. 


I think the key is to keep on trudging. 


I can honestly say that studying my scriptures is something I look forward to each morning.


I am slowly but surely becoming someone who wants to read the scriptures


And it's 100% worth rising a few minutes earlier each morning.


I promise there is power in consistently studying the scriptures each day.  























































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