What You Do Matters

May 18, 2018




Do you know that I've been putting of this blog post for hours? 


Negative thoughts in my head have been getting me down.


'You don't have anything original to say.'


'Someone else has already said it better.'


'You can't really make a difference.'


Those first two thoughts are true but the last one is complete garbage.


Of course it's all been said and of course someone else has already said it better!


But I haven't said it in my own unique way. 


I really can make a difference.


And so can you. 


What you are doing matters, mama.


What you are doing is important.

I don't care if someone else is doing a better job at mothering than you.


You are doing the best that you can do and that is enough. 


You are mothering your children in a way that only you can do.


So when those negative thoughts creep in as they love to do...


quiet those voices and that guilt and remember that you are doing a great work.



You play a central role in HIS plan.


He is with you. 


For an excellent talk on divine identity, go here

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