Let's Talk About FOMO, Sister!

February 2, 2019



Ahhh, FOMO--aka--the Fear Of Missing Out.


We've all experienced it. 


With the explosion of social media, it's hard to avoid it.


Scrolling through Instagram and landing on pictures of a friend's Hawaiian vacation (sans kids, of course)...


it's hard not to think,


'I'll never get to go on a vacation like that. With my husband's unpredictable schedule, date night is a major victory. A vacation alone require divine intervention.'






Didn't they just get back from Paris? Seriously?! She gets to have all the fun!'


or maybe, 


for example,


it's hearing about your friend's son earning his Eagle Scout award, 


and you can't even get your son to take out the garbage without threatening him.


It's not fair.


You aren't living the life you should be living.


You are





Poor you.


Not to mention that your kids are missing out too.


Life just isn't fair....


But what if you weren't really missing out? 


What if you were living the exact life you were meant to live?






stinky garbage,


lack of tropical vacations and all.


You might be thinking that it's delusional to adopt that thought--the thought that you are living the exact life you were mean to live. 


But my question is this:


What is the upside to believing that you're missing out all the time? 


I can't think of one. 


FOMO feels terrible.


But for me, believing that I'm not missing out on anything, 


that I'm living the perfect life for me and my family and our personal development...


that feels hopeful.


It feels grateful.


When I'm grateful, 


I scroll through Instagram and I feel HAPPY for my friends on their Hawaiian vacations.


I feel PROUD that my friend's son earned his Eagle Scout Award at such a young age. 


And instead of wallowing in self-pity,


I think, 'I should ask her how they saved up money for that trip.'




'I wonder what motivated her son to work so hard on that award...


maybe she could give me some tips on helping motivate my son to take out the trash...'


Just sayin'.


Gratitude feels so much better than FOMO.


Delusional or not. 


So start deluding yourself, sister!


You just might find some gratitude along the way. 

And you're likely to squash your FOMO in it's tracks.





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