Why You Deserve More than Chicken Nuggets

February 14, 2019



Can I offer you a little bit of friendly advice on this beautiful Friday, mama?


Take a little time to take care of yourself. 


Now, if you are thinking, 'Yeah right. I seriously can't even pee in peace.'


I get it. 


I've been there. 


But if a typical lunch for yourself consists of a diet coke and 3 half-eaten chicken nuggets from your toddler's leftovers, 


or the crusts from your son's fluffernutter and a handful of peanut butter M&Ms that you managed to sneak from the pantry when your kiddos weren't looking...


you might want to consider this:


Taking care of yourself allows you to take better care of those you love. 


It's the whole oxygen mask analogy.


So fuel your body with foods that will keep it healthy. 


And get to bed at a decent hour.


You might be thinking, 


'Nice thought, but I don't have time for that.'


Are you sure?


Because experience has taught me that if I don't take time to be healthy...


I will definitely end up taking time to be sick.


And taking time to be healthy requires less Kleenex.


And less NyQuil.


Eat well. 


Get to bed a little earlier (even if it means leaving things undone--because it ALWAYS means leaving things undone).


You will think more clearly and work more efficiently if you do. 


And you'll feel better doing it. 


Share this with your favorite chicken-nugget stealing friend. 


And have a great day.
















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