Don't Let Perfectionism Hold You Back

February 14, 2019

 Let's talk frankly today about perfectionism, mama. 


You think that being a perfectionist is about having high standards for yourself.


It's about only doing your very best work.


It's about expecting a lot of yourself. 


Those are all just lies you are telling yourself, friend.


Perfectionism is for scared people.


Want to know why? 


Because if you can't do something perfectly, 


you don't do it at all.


It's keeping you stuck.


Perfectionism isn't about doing your best work...


it's about wanting people to believe that you have all your ducks in a row.


That you have things all figured out. 


It's about not giving other people a reason to judge you.


Here's the thing----


you will never outrun the judgments of other people.




But here's the good news:


Those judgments have nothing to do with you.


Frankly, they are none of your business. 


Other people's judgments are about THEM. 


Not you. 


I love what Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book, Big Magic:


"We don't have time to be perfect...perfectionism stops people from completing their work---but even worse, it often stops people from beginning their work. Perfectionists often decide in advance that the end product is never going to be satisfactory, so they don't even bother trying to be creative in the first place."


So put yourself out there, mama! 


Make that fancy cake for the bake sale.


Open that Etsy shop.


Redecorate that room in your home. 


Invite those new friends in your ward over for lunch. 


Or that family over for dinner.


Whatever you've been hesitant to do because you might not do it 'just right'. 


Channel your inner Nike---


Just do it. 


Remember, perfect is the enemy of good. 


And good is good enough.


YOU are good enough.








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