Look Up

June 15, 2018



I have a dysfunctional relationship with my  smart phone.


Sometimes I can't get enough of it.


Sometimes I want to break up with it.


Sometimes I look deep into it's "eyes" (ahem, screen) and can't seem to pull myself away. 


I mean, scrolling is much more enticing at times than breaking up a fight between my tweens, or getting dinner started, ya know?


It's an escape.


It's also a super duper handy tool that I love so much--smartphones make my life so much easier!


But I've felt a nagging for some time that I needed to mend this dysfunctional relationship.




I'd tried giving myself set amounts of screen time each day, 


but that method never really resonated with me.


Recently, though, I came across The Look Up Challenge.


It's designed specifically for moms, 


and it is a seven day challenge to help you develop a healthier relationship with that computer in your back pocket. 


I've loved it for many reasons, but one of them is that, instead of focusing on time spent on your device,


you focus on appropriate spaces and places for your phone (and inappropriate ones as well).


For example, Katie (The Look Up Challenge creator), encourages you to have sacred spots as well as sacred times during the day where the phone isn't welcome. 


She also gives a challenge to let your kids know what you are doing on your phone when you use it in their presence.




"Hey kids, I'm just going to step away from you all for a few and see what fun things my friends are doing with their kiddos on Instagram because I'm tired of breaking up your petty fights!"


The thing is, 


the pull of the screen is real, mama.


And while I'm still in the thick of figuring out what a healthy relationship with it is for me, 


I'm looking up more. 


And you know what I've noticed?


My kids DO play nice together! 


A lot. 


And I was missing it.


You know what else?


My 5 year-old has the most beautiful blue eyes. 


And they twinkle when I give him my full attention as he's sliding down the slide at the park. 


I feel like I'm a more active participant in my own life. 


If you, too, feel a pull to change your relationship with your phone, check out this (totally un-sponsored and totally free) link to Katie's challenge here


I discovered the Look Up Challenge after listening to this podcast here

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