Listen to Your Body

June 18, 2018



Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed Tom Brady about his success as a football player and how to reach peak performance in life.


One comment he made really stuck out to me when they were discussing his healthy eating habits:


"I depend wholly on my body. My body is my asset. I can't go out there on the field and eat fast food and expect to perform."  


His body is his asset. 


Now, I'm no professional football player, 


but I, too, should treat my body as the valuable asset that it is.


I mean, it's a temple, right?


With so much confusion about what is "healthy" food, how do you know what do fuel your body with?


I don't have all the answers,


but as I've paid much closer attention to what I putting into my body this past 18 months...


when I take time to notice how different foods react in my body...


I can tell more easily what foods are the best fuel for me. 


Have you taken the time to really pay attention to how your body reacts to the different foods you fuel it with?


How it reacts to sugar?


How it reacts to vegetables?


How it reacts to processed carbohydrates?


Once I started paying attention, it got so much easier for me to know what to feed my body. 


Because I can't fuel it with fast food and expect it to perform optimally.


Just like Mr. Brady. 


Listen to Oprah's interview with Tom Brady here

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