A Shift in Perspective

June 22, 2018



A year and a half ago I gave up sugar and other refined/processed carbohydrates. 


These days, I eat it on special occasions like birthdays and celebrations, 


but mostly, it's not a part of my regular diet.


When people discover this, 


many of them think I'm crazy...


Then they always want to know how I did it.


And how I continue to do it. 


"You must have amazing willpower" they say.


"How can you even survive?!"


"Why would anyone want to do that??" they ask.


In case you are wondering the same thing, let me explain myself.


It isn't about willpower--ok, the first few weeks took willpower because I was addicted to the white powdery stuff so eliminating it from my diet gave me crazy withdrawals and I thought I was going to die. 


But then, suddenly a fog lifted from my brain.


It was crazy.


I survive because I focus on the things I choose to eat, instead of the things I don't. 


Like tons of glorious vegetables. 


and loads of healthy fats.


And protein. 


And nuts and seeds. 


I really, really love nuts and seeds.


Eating peanut butter from the jar, anyone?


And I remind myself that I am a grown woman and I can eat whatever in the heck I want. 


I am choosing not to eat sugar.


Why would I choose not to eat sugar? 


Because I FEEL so much better without sugar in my veins all the time. 


Seriously, have you tried it? 




Now days, when I see a piece of cheesecake---


I admit that I sometimes miss the way I used to love it...


the way it used to taste to me...


but mostly it doesn't even seem like real food to me anymore.


instead I envision a big fat headache and a gut bomb when I look at that divine dessert. 


And occasionally I eat the cheesecake and love it and deal with the consequences later.


If you are looking to change a habit in your life, 


try changing the way you look at it...


I mean, what if the time came where you didn't even want the chocolate chip cookie?


What would that look like?


What if you craved broccoli more than French Bread?


Because, seriously, roasted broccoli is my jam. 


That stuff is so delish.


What if there were something way better than Diet Coke waiting for you beyond your caffeine addiction?


Is that even possible?


It's so possible, sister. 


I wonder what it might be.


While I in no way have this whole "relationship with food" thing figured out, 


I do feel like my quest to find nutritional peace over the past 18 months has gotten me closer. 


I have big dreams of helping others and finding solutions to the obesity epidemic in our country. 


And the type II diabetes crisis.


And the unhealthy relationship with food that so many of us struggle with. 


And the sometimes toxic relationship that we as women have with our bodies (let's all drop the negative self-talk, ok?? Pinky promise me right now).


I'm not advocating that everyone give up flour and sugar and caffeine forever. 


But I do know it's possible to change your habits by changing the way you look at them. 



Disclaimer: Now, please let it go on the record that, if I know you in real life, cross my heart I'm not judging your food choices, mmmkay? I honestly don't give a flying flip what you put in your mouth, sister! I'm too busy eating macadamia nuts and roasting my broccoli and cauli (425 degrees for 20 minutes, mama!)


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