Loving the People that My People Love

February 14, 2019



My friend, Rachel, is a fantastic mother. 


She is a few years ahead of me in the mothering game, so her older children are married and starting families of her own.


She speaks of the people that her children chose to marry with so much love.


It's amazing. 


She has said more than once that she is "so lucky" that she loves her in-laws so much.


I disagree.


I don't think it has to do with luck at all.


Rachel made a choice to love them. 


Though she's never said so, I bet sometimes it's a difficult choice because all families and the people in them are imperfect.


But in choosing to love the people that her people love, she sees their strengths and their potential.


And looks past their limitations and flaws.


I want to be like Rachel when I grow up.


My husband's parents have also made the choice to love the people that their people love. 


They treat each of their in-laws like we are their own children.


We all believe that we are their "favorite".


(But seriously, guys, I'm their fave).


I want to be like them when I grow up. 


I asked myself the other day, 


'How can I start now to love the people that my people love?'


Because I'm told that before I know it my babies will be having babies of their own.


So I'm starting by loving their friends.


Resisting the urge to silently compare them with their peers.


The other day, I had a house full of kiddos from the neighborhood over. 


And for just a moment I had a glimpse into the future---


'It's highly likely that these children will one day be best friends with my teenagers.


'I want to love the people that my people love.'


When Christ visited the Nephites after His resurrection, he taught them about the importance of baptism.


Do you know what He taught them next?


To do away with contention (3 Nephi 11:29-30).


To me, that means He taught them to love each other. 


Love starts at home. 


How are you going to love the people that your people love?




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