For the Love of a Minivan

June 27, 2018



Have you ever stopped to think just how amazing driving a car truly is?


I mean, I can cover miles and miles in just a few minutes. 


Miles that, 150 years ago, would have taken days or even months to cover.


I love my minivan. 


So much.


If I'm hot in my van, I can turn on the AC and almost instantly feel cool and refreshed.


If I'm cold, I can turn on the heat and before I know it I'm toasty and warm.


I can connect my cell phone to my car and talk to my sister while I drive, 


or listen to music,


or podcasts.


There's a cup holder that keeps my water bottle nice and secure. 


I can fit all my groceries in the cargo space. 


And if I want to move something larger, 


the seats fold down with the simple pull of a lever.


It's amazing. 


I can open and close the sliding doors with the push of a button.


You guys!


The push of a button!


It's like magic.


Next time you are in your car, 


take a moment to notice just how spectacular it is.


I bet you'll feel grateful.


And gratitude is one of my favorite emotions.

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