I Love this Land

July 4, 2018

This morning I was thinking of all the reasons why I love this great country we live in.


I can vote.


I can drive.


I can go to school and study to be whatever I want to be. 


So can my children.


I can turn on a faucet and have clean water to drink.


Indoor plumbing.


Seriously, indoor plumbing!


I can wear whatever clothes I want to wear.


Eat whatever food I choose to eat. 


I get to pay taxes.


These taxes help pay for a fantastic library in my town.


And schools for my children to learn and grow.


These taxes also pay for the construction of roads.


I am so so thankful for road construction. 


I lived for a short time in a third world country where road construction was lacking.


There were sometimes pot holes as big as large tires.


So now, when I see roads being built and expanded and improved,


I try to remind myself that the alternative


(not fixing the road)


is actually much more challenging than the inconvenience of construction.


Road construction is a gift, my friend!


Last week, I took a long drive with my husband up in the beautiful mountains of Montana and Wyoming. 


I actually saw purple mountains' majesty. 


I love this land. 


God Bless America.


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