The Wave

July 6, 2018



The other night we went to a baseball game with my family--- siblings and parents and grandchildren.


It's a yearly tradition, complete with ice cream, heckling, and fireworks after the game.


Baseball and fireworks---so All-American, right?


On somewhat of a dare (ok, the brothers offered to pay her a few bucks),


my sister took the challenge to start the wave in the stands.


In order for the wave to "count", it had to make one full revolution around the entire stadium.


The thing about my sister, Shannon, is this---


she brings the fun wherever she goes.


She is friendly and outgoing and people naturally gravitate toward her.


I mean, she motivates people for a living. 


It's part of her job.




As I watched her take up the challenge, I thought, 


'I want to be fun and fearless like her.'


So I nervously stood up.


And I hollered, 


"I'm in! I'll totally help you start the wave."


'I mean, what's the worst that could happen?'


I told myself. 


We fail miserably? 


No one does the wave?


'At the very least it will be good rejection therapy for me.'


So we hustled down to the front row and started telling everyone in the isle seats along the way, 


"We're starting a wave! Will you help us?"


We counted, "One! Two! Three!"

Very few people waved. 


So we laughed. 


And then tried again.


And again. 


And again.


Each time we got a little bit further across the stadium.


But never close to a full revolution.


A guy on the third row kept saying, 


"One more time, girls! Try it one more time!"


So we did. 


After 6 or 7 times, 


people caught on.


And the wave just kept going and going.


I think it made it around the stadium more than three times. 


We were jumping and cheering and screaming so loud.


It was so much fun. 


We couldn't stop laughing. 


You guys, 


this is a somewhat silly example, 


but don't be afraid to fail at starting a wave.


Keep going.


Keep trying. 


Bring the fun.


Be the fun you want to have.


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