Plan A

July 9, 2018



As a kid I was terrified of making mistakes.


I think that I thought if I could just live perfectly and act perfectly all the time, 


then I would be "good girl".


I'm not sure where I picked up on this way of life, 


because I know my parents didn't expect perfection out of me. 


But that was my plan.


Just never make mistakes.





FYI: My plan failed. 




I have since come to realize over time that neither my parents nor God expect me to live my life mistake-free. 


But I still have to remind myself of this when I fall short.


Which is on the daily.


Repentance isn't plan B, in case we don't live up to all of our Heavenly Father's expectations of us. 


Repentance IS THE PLAN, knowing that we will fail. 


Lynn G. Robbins said this about failure and repentance:


"Repentance isn't His backup plan in the event we might fail. Repentance is His plan, knowing that we will."


What does this mean for me? 


It means that God knew I wouldn't always control my temper as a mother. 


He knew I wouldn't always be a kind wife.


He knew I would get caught up in gossip, 


judging others, 


and the comparison trap.


He knew I wouldn't always hold my tongue.


That I would say regrettable things. 




and over


and over.


He knew I would mix up my priorities and spend more time on Instagram than reading the scriptures.


He knew I would sometimes day dream about bedtime 5 minutes after my children woke up in the morning. 


And because He knew this, 


He made repentance Plan A.


I love what Ariel Szuch says about what she calls "being broken":


"Brokenness is a gift.


"Why? Because our brokenness connects us to each other, and our brokenness brings us to Christ...


"when we are broken, we recognize the need for a Savior to make us whole."


He gave us repentance so we would turn to Him and to His son. 


He gave us repentance as Plan A so we would have the opportunity to connect with one another and draw nearer to Him. 




Are you taking advantage of this divine gift on the daily? 


Click here to read Lynn G. Robbins complete talk on failure, repentance, and forgiveness.


Click here to read Ariel Szuch's blog on the gift of being broken.



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