Playing the Victim

February 14, 2019



Is there someone in your life that you think is the cause of most of your problems?


Someone who, if they would just change the way they treat you, 


you could finally be happy?


You know that's a lie, right?


Are you deflecting the responsibility for your emotions to another person?


If so, you might be playing the victim.


The victim mentality is full of defensiveness.


It's not a sign of weakness or lack of strength--


it's a pattern of negative thoughts. 


Are those thoughts serving you? 


If not, did you know that you don't have to believe them anymore?


Maybe you are blaming someone for how you feel---


that gossipy sister-in-law?


Or maybe you are blaming someTHING for how you feel--


Your husband's job is just so demanding, it takes priority over everything?


But guess what? 


You don't have to be the victim anymore. 


Maybe you can relate to some of the subtle ways that I catch myself playing the victim:


'I have to do everything around here.'


'No one appreciates me.'


'I never get a break.'


'She makes me so mad.'


'He hurt my feelings.'


'Something's wrong with me.'



Sound familiar?


If so, 




You're a human being. 


Identifying with playing the victim isn't a sign of weakness.


It's a sign that you are human.


And that you have some negative thought patterns.


Negative thought patterns are totally changeable.


Because once you recognize them, you can get some leverage over them.


And change them. 


By deciding to think something different instead.


Because guess what? 


You get to believe whatever you want to believe, sister!


So why not believe some empowering thoughts, eh?


Rachel Hollis, in her book, Girl, Wash Your Face, talks about how YOU and only YOU are responsible for what you are creating (or not creating) in your life. 


That can be a hard pill to swallow.


But in reality, it's the most hopeful news ever. 

Because if YOU are the cause of your unhappiness, YOU have the power to change it.


You don't have to wait for ANYONE else to change in order for you to be happy. 






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