Three Reasons to Consider Writing in Your Journal

July 20, 2018



Last year I set a goal to start writing in my journal daily.




Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, gives this advice:


Only allow yourself to write one sentence a day in your journal for the first week or so.


Just one.


Once the one-sentence-a-day goal becomes a habit, 


write two sentences.


Always leave yourself wishing you could write more.


It will help pull you back to your journal each day.


 Many of us believe that if we can’t write three pages a day, there’s no point in writing anything at all---right?




As I’ve tried to write daily in my journal, I have come up with three reasons why I write regularly:


1. You can tell your journal ANYTHING and she won’t judge you.




My journal has become my sounding board.


My therapist.


The bestie I can count on any time I need to bear my soul.  


I never need to worry about filtering what I tell her--she knows exactly what’s in my heart:


the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly.


2. Getting your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper can be all sorts of enlightening.


Just the other day I was feeling less than stellar, so I pulled out my petite little journal (it fits right in my purse) and started writing--


no filtering, no judging, no editing.


Wouldn’t you know, I was ever so surprised to discover some feelings of jealousy and resentment that I didn’t even know were there on the surface---


because I kept pushing them away almost instantly and automatically anytime I felt them come up.


Why was I doing that?


Because “good moms” aren’t supposed to feel resentment.


“Caring friends” aren’t supposed to feel jealous.


But guess what?


EVERYONE feels resentment from time to time.


And EVERYONE feels jealous.


It doesn’t make us horrible,


it makes us human.


3. Once you see clearly what you are thinking, you can decide if your thoughts are helping you or hurting you.


And mama, if they’re hurting you, you don’t have to think them anymore!


Did you know that?


You are allowed to believe whatever you want.


When I discovered I was feeling jealousy,


I dug deeper into what thoughts were causing that and I realized that they weren’t helping me be my best self.


And they weren't even true.


So I found some new empowering thoughts to replace them.


I rewrote the story in my brain.


That is a powerful exercise.


And the feelings of resentment?


Well, I’m still working on those.


But I’m getting closer each day to appreciating the fact that I have a broom to clean with and a floor that needs sweeping.


Because it makes living in the crumb factory that is my kitchen floor a happier place to be.


And it’s possible to love even the messy parts of motherhood.


In what ways do you believe journaling would help you understand yourself more completely?


If you desire to make writing a daily habit, challenge yourself to write in your journal every day for the next week.


And only allow yourself one sentence. 


Just one.

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