Appreciating the Little Things

August 3, 2018


Last week our dishwasher bit the dust. 


Have you ever stopped to appreciate what an amazing appliance a dishwasher truly is?


Me neither.


Until last week, of course, when I went several days without one. 


It's true what they say, 


"You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone."


Words of wisdom from Guns N Roses.


I mean, I have a machine in my house that takes DIRTY DISHES and makes them CLEAN


That is amazing.


It has had me thinking on other simple ways that I can notice and be grateful for everything in my life.


A car that starts.


Tomatoes growing in my yard.


Flushable toilets.


Seriously---flushable toilets!!


Warm showers.


Grocery stores where I can buy food.


A bed to sleep in. 


Shoes that fit.


Clorox wipes.


My water bottle.


Kids who fight.


Seriously--I can be grateful for siblings who fight.


The other day,


I listened to a man speak about his teenage daughter. 


She was born with severe brain damage. 


Because of the damage to her brain, 


she hasn't progressed cognitively beyond that of a 3 month old baby.


One of the things he mentioned longing to hear 


was his daughter fighting with her older sister. 


I have never before longed to hear that sound.


But I decided right then and there:


I can be grateful that my children fight. 


I love this quote from a new favorite book of mine, The Book of Joy:




Can you find something to be grateful for today that you once took for granted?


Share this post with someone you are grateful for, mama!

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