Why "I Don't Know" is a Lie

August 6, 2018


If any of the following thoughts sound familiar then your brain is lying to you:


"I'd love to write a book, but I don't know where to begin."


"I don't know how to deal with my difficult toddler."


"I'd love to run a marathon but I don't know where I'd even start with training." 


"I want to start a business, but I don't know what I would sell or how I would begin."


"I don't know how to lose weight."


"I don't know how to get along with my mother-in-law."


"I don't know how to create a stronger marriage with my husband."


Listen sister, I don't care what your goals and aspirations are, 


when you tell yourself, "I don't know,"


you keep yourself stuck. 


And you also keep yourself safe from failure.


Safe from being vulnerable.


Safe from other people's judgments of what you put out in the world.


Because, when you trick yourself with "I don't know"


you aren't putting ANYTHING out in the world. 


What if,


every time you found yourself saying, "I don't know"...


You replaced it with,


"What if I did know?"


"Then where would I begin?"


You should really answer that question right now.


Because here's the thing:


Our brains like what is comfortable. It's easier for them to do what they've always done


than it is to try something new and unfamiliar.


Our brains avoid the unknown because they like everything to be efficient. 






So I suggest you throw out the phrase, "I don't know".


And replace it with, "I don't know YET."


Or "I'm figuring it out."


Because, sister, we live in the information age!

Just about everything is figure-out-able.


So stop telling yourself you don't know, 


and get on Google and get to work.


You'll end up trying a bunch of things that don't work.


Don't let that stop you.


Just keep searching until you find the answers. 


Because you will find the answers. 


Like Brooke Castillo says, 


"You either know, your your finding the answer."


THAT is a great way to live. 



Listen here for a great podcast on knowing vs. not knowing. 



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