3 Types of Business

February 14, 2019



Byron Katie teaches that there are 3 types of business:


My Business.

Their Business.


And Heavenly Father's Business.


1. My business consists of everything within MY control:


How I show up in the world.


How I choose to feel about others. 


What I do with my time. 


How I parent my children. 


How I speak to myself.


How I want to feel about my husband.


How I want to feel about my husband's job. 


How I choose to feel about others. 


2. Their Business consists of what everyone else is doing with their life:


How they show up in the world.


How they feel about you.


What they do with their time.


How they parent their children.


How they feel/think/speak about themselves.


How they feel about YOU and everyone else. 


3. Heavenly Father's Business consists of everything within His control:


The weather.


His Plan of Salvation for His children.


How everything will be resolved in the next life.


How He chooses to govern others with both mercy and justice. 


Let's put this concept to practice with an example:


Your sister has decided to stop going to church. 


You are very upset about her decision.


About how her choices will affect her happiness in this life. 


And maybe even in the life to come. 


But guess what?


Her decisions are her business.


And worrying about whether or not your family will be together forever?


That's God's business.


Maybe you want to feel distraught about her choices. 


But if you want to feel differently, 


you can.


Maybe, instead of coming from a place of worry, 


or even a place of judgement about her decisions...


What if you chose to stay in your own business and just love her?


You have complete control over that. 


You can't control her actions.


You can't control how she feels about the church.


You can't even control how she feels about YOU. 


But you can always choose love. 


For her sake, 


and especially for yours. 


Coming from a place of love instead of fear or judgement will always bring out the best in you. 


Now I want you to think about something personal that is troubling you.


Do you have that worry at the forefront of your mind? 




Now ask yourself---


'Whose business am I in right now?'


If it's not your own, 


it's time to let it go. 


And focus on your business. 


For me, sometimes letting go of other people's business is easier said than done. 


But it often starts with just recognizing that I'm not in my own business.


'Wait, I don't have to worry about that thing. It's totally God's business.'


And then I can begin to let it go. 


Because like Byron Katie said, 




Check out more Byron Katie here.

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