Receiving Answers to Prayers

August 13, 2018


I've been thinking lately about receiving answers to prayers. 


Receiving revelation from God for our own personal lives. 


It is my personal opinion that Heavenly Father is willing and wanting to shower His guidance and light for our personal lives on us. 


But we sometimes block that light.


Why do we do that?


I know you've probably been taught since we were a little girl in primary that sin can block that light in our lives. 


And I believe that is true.


But you know what else blocks that light? 


Fear and doubt.


Self-doubt is one of the main stumbling blocks that keeps us from the personal guidance and light that Heavenly Father wants to shine down on us. 


When our brain is so full of negative self-talk, 


it's hard to hear the still, small voice of the Spirit when it speaks to us.


But how do we quiet those voices?


I thought you'd never ask.


First, you need to recognize that they are there. 


Most of us live our lives on auto-pilot, 


almost completely unaware of the thoughts swirling around in our brains. 


So start paying attention to what you are thinking.


Particularly what you are thinking about yourself.


Second, once you are still enough to pay attention and notice the thoughts, 


refrain from judging them and just get curious.


It looks like this, 


'Hmmm, I wonder why my brain thinks that thought is helpful?'




'That's so fascinating that my brain keeps thinking that thought.'


See how I separated myself from my brain?


Because you are not your thoughts, sister. 


And once you get curious about them, 


the third step is to take action to change them


to new, more empowering thoughts. 


This step is simple.


But not easy. 


You've likely been thinking these thoughts about yourself for years and years, so it will take some time to rewire your brain. 


Here's an example from my own life:


I have noticed lately that I've been having the thought that I'm just not a very good mother. 


'Good moms don't resent their children.'


First, I recognized I was having those negative thoughts (step #1).  


Once I recognized that I was having this negative thought, 


I resisted the urge to judge it. Judging my thoughts might look something like this:


'Ugh, I know better than to think negative thoughts about myself! I know that negative thoughts about myself DO NOT equate to lasting personal growth. Seriously, Sara, pull yourself together! You write about this stuff and you can't even live it.'


and instead I get curious about it (step #2)


i.e. 'I wonder why my brain keeps thinking the thought that I'm a bad mother?'


'Why does my brain think this is helpful?'


And once I get curious about it, I can get leverage over it.


And I can change it (step #3).


It might look like this--


'It's possible that I'm a really great mother.'


'In what ways have I shown up for my kids today?'


'Even good mothers have moments of resentment.'


'How can I help myself feel less resentment in my life?'


And it's then that I can be open to Heavenly Father's answers and assistance in my life. 


Because I'm not beating myself up with so much negativity. 


And I can hear the answers that Heavenly Father is wanting me to find. 


Give it a try. 


He will help you. 


Promise He will.


For great talks about personal revelation, go here and here.


For the sweetest video about blessings from heaven, watch here

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