3 Self-Improvement Books that Will Improve your Life

August 17, 2018

Ever since I first read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in high school, 


I've been addicted to self-improvement books. 


I used to be kind of embarrassed to admit that.


But now I love that I love human development. 






Ted Talks, 




you name it. 


Anything to do with human development just sucks me right in.


Which is why I have to share three faves that I've recently read.


#1. Girl, Wash Your Face.


Author Rachel Hollis is the founder of The Hollis Company and


She is a mother of four, business woman, motivational speaker, and podcaster.


Her book, Girl, Wash Your Face has a chapter dedicated to a different lie she believed for years.


Lies that you might have once believed, too.


Lies that you might still believe.


Lies like, "Someone else will make me happy."


She is honest, vulnerable, super-funny, and genuine.


I felt like I was having a conversation with her as I turned the pages.


She will have you thinking about your life in a different, more empowering way. 


A favorite quote from the book:



You can listen to the first couple of chapters of the audiobook for free on Rachel's Rise Podcast here. 


#2. A Year of Yes.

Author Shonda Rhimes is famous for being the queen of Thursday night TV.


She is the creator of dramas like Grey's Anatomy,


How to Get Away with Murder,


and Scandal.


She is also a single mother of 3.


The book begins with her sister helping her realize that she "never says yes to anything."


So she decides to have a year of saying yes to everything that scares her.


As a self-proclaimed introvert, she decides to say yes to public speaking.


Yes to taking better care of her health.


Yes to her children when they ask her to play.


Yes to accepting compliments graciously.


You will find yourself wanting to say yes to it all, too,


especially the things you're afraid of. 


A favorite quote from the book:




#3. The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. 


This book is written by the Dali Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and best-selling author Douglas Abrahms.


Can I tell you the truth?


I haven't even finished reading the final chapter of this one yet,


but it's so good--I had to include it.


This book is the summary of a week-long meeting with the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


In it they discuss this question:


How do we find joy despite suffering?


Virtues like forgiveness,




and love are discussed.


I listened to this book on audio and it was beautifully narrated by all three authors.


Full of hope,


it will have you wanting to go out and make the world a better place. 




A favorite quote from the book:




Now it's your turn--


What are you reading?


I'd love to know what's inspiring you lately.

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