Stop Asking Yourself Dumb Questions

January 31, 2019


According to Google, the average person has between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. 


That's a lot of thoughts. 


And many of those thoughts come in the form of questions.


But some of the questions that we ask ourselves aren't very helpful.


Your first grade teacher will disagree, 


but I DO think there's such a thing as dumb questions.


Questions like


"What's wrong with me?"


"Why can't I figure this out?"


"Why is my life so hard?"


or my personal favorite, 


"Why do I have to do everything around here?"


Have you ever stopped to answer these questions?




Stop and answer them.


Because your brain already has. 


It is my experience, that with most questions like the ones I've just written, 


the answer is some version of


"I'm not enough."


Not patient enough.


Not pretty enough.


Not smart enough.


Not skinny enough.


Not good enough.


Not able to teach my kids life skills well enough--


so they actually clean up after themselves.


But sister, 


that's a lie.


You are already enough.


You are a daughter of God.


And that means you were born enough. 


There's nothing you can do to make yourself MORE worthy.


MORE enough. 


More money won't make you more "enough".


A smaller dress size won't make you more "enough".


Paying off your student loans won't make you more "enough".


More patience won't make you more "enough" either.


Even acts of service won't make you more "enough".


You are the perfect amount of "enough" just as you are. 


But how about we all pay a little bit more attention to our brains and try to ask it more empowering questions?




Questions like, 


"What can I do to make today wonderful?"


"How can I help someone today?"


"How can I take care of myself today?"


"In what way can I be brave today?"


"How can I teach my kids one thing that will help them become more self-reliant today?"


"How can I take care of my physical health today?"


"How can I take care of my mental health today?"


"How do I want to feel at the end of today and what do I need to be thinking to create that feeling?"


"What can I be grateful for, right now, in this very moment?"


Your brain will answer those kind of questions, too. 


And you just might be blown away with how creative that brain of yours is once you give it empowering questions to answer. 


So get at it. 


And please share this post with your favorite sister who needs to stop asking herself dumb questions :)



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