Not that Different After All

January 31, 2019



I want you to think about someone in your life who is difficult for you to get along with. 

Maybe it's your mother-in-law.


Or your sister.


Or your son.


Maybe it's that one lady that you work with in the PTA.


Or your neighbor.


Or maybe it's your husband.


It's easy to focus on all the things that we DON'T have in common with those "difficult people" in our lives.


"She's just so judgmental."


"He doesn't understand me."


"It's her way or the high way."


"We're just so different."


"He is the worst communicator on the planet."


But what if we took a moment, 


just a moment, 


and thought about all of the things that we have in common with those "difficult" people.


I mean, we both have two arms and two legs.


Hearts that beat.


A brain in our heads.


We both want happiness for those we love.


Happiness for ourselves.


We both at times feel sadness, 








In The Book of Joy, the Dali Lama discusses how he takes a few minutes each day to meditate on the well-being of others. 


I think that's beautiful.


What if you took just two minutes each day and thought about the well-being of that "difficult" person in your life. 


Tried to put yourself in their shoes?


How might that change how you feel about them?


How might it help you see them from a more loving, compassionate place?


My guess is that you wouldn't see them as quite so "difficult" for very long. 


What do you say, will you try it with me?




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