Am I Enough?

August 27, 2018


I have had the great privilege of living all over the country over the past 13 years. 


I've lived in many unique places.


Big cities and teeny tiny towns.


I have come to believe over the years that,


more than just about anything,


women want to know and believe that they have worth and value. 


We want to know that we are enough. 


Many say that one of our core human fears is just that---


the fear of not being good enough. 


I definitely see this fear manifest itself in my life. 


Do you see it in yours?


Sometimes the fear of not being enough shows up as jealousy--


"Why didn't I get invited to that girls' night? What's wrong with me?"


or as shame--


"If I were a better parent, my child wouldn't misbehave like he does."


or as discouragement--


"I've never been able to lose weight and keep it off."


And sometimes it shows up as victim mentality---


"No one appreciates me...I do everything around here and no one notices...why is my life so hard...what's wrong with ME?"


So what do we do with this fear, the fear of not being enough?


How do we quiet those negative voices inside our head?


I believe it starts with being open to the belief that


you were born with all of your worth and value in tact. 


Nothing you do or don't do changes that.


Not how many friends you have,


the number on the scale, 


the strength of your marriage, 


or other people's opinions of you.


None of those things have anything to do with your worth.


You are simply enough because you are a daughter of God. 


That trumps everything else. 


Doing good deeds and accomplishing goals helps us to learn and grow, 


but good deeds and goals don't change our our worth.


And neither do mistakes and weaknesses. 


You have infinite worth simply because of who you are. 


Nothing can take that away. 




Do you believe that? 


You might want to try. 


It's a really loving way to think about yourself---


and others. 


And I dare you to give me one downside to believing that. 


I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't believe it.


Plus, you should believe it---


because it's true. 


Next time you find yourself doubting in YOU, remember this:



 For a beautiful video on your true identity, watch here






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