How to Take Massive Action

August 29, 2018


Tony Robbins, in his book Awaken the Giant Within, talks about the concept of massive action.


Massive action is action that you take until you reach your goal.


Until you reach your goal.


No matter what failures, obstacles, mishaps, and mistakes happen along the way. 


You don't stop taking action. 


Until you reach your goal.


Passive action, on the other hand, is thinking about your goal.


Talking about your goal, 


Googling info about your goal, 


Consuming information about how to best accomplish your goal, 


but not actually doing anything. 


Most of us live in the land of passive action.


We'd like to lose weight.


We're interested in eating healthier.


We think about starting an exercise routine or completing a triathlon.


We talk to people about our goals. 


But we don't actually go all in. 


Massive action requires you to go all in.


That means that you keep working and keep trying at whatever it is you want to accomplish until you reach your goal.


I like what Alison Faulkner says about taking action---


"Insight is cute, but action is drop dead gorgeous."


Do you want to know one way you can tell if you are taking massive action?


You're falling flat on your face all the time.


You are putting yourself out in the world where people can watch you make mistakes.


You are failing over and over. 


And then you are picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and noting, "Well, that didn't work. What can I try next?"


If I decide to take massive action to lose weight, 


it means I make a commitment to healthy eating 


until I reach my goal.


Even when the scale doesn't reflect my hard work.


Even when I feel like eating brownies instead of vegetables.


Even when it takes me a year of consistent dedication.


Even when it takes me a decade of dedication.


Because you know that what?


It's not really about the number on the scale.


It's about the process.


It's about who I become along the way. 


It's about who you become along the way.


Where are you taking massive action in your life?


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