Unconditional Love

February 14, 2019



Today I want you to set a little goal for yourself. 


It goes perfectly with Valentines' Day. 


I want you to strive to have loving thoughts toward EVERYONE you come in contact with.


All day long. 




Your eye-rolling tweenager.


Your husband who gets held up at work and forgets to call and let you know.


The frowning checker at the grocery store. 


Your toddler who refuses to take a nap.


Even your mother-in-law. 




Envision yourself at the end of the day, 


having felt love for each and every one of them.


Not holding-your-tongue, white-knuckling it. 


But truly having felt nothing but love for them. 


Can you picture it?


Will judgmental thoughts enter your brain throughout the day?




Maybe even all day long. 


But anytime you catch your brain thinking them, 


just remind yourself of your goal.


"Oh yeah, I'm loving everyone today."


And then let go of your judgments of how you think others "should" act, 


and just get curious about them instead. 


You guys,


I know I say this a lot, but




It feels SO MUCH BETTER than negative judgments. 


That includes judgement of others--- 


And of yourself. 


Commit today to love everyone unconditionally--


just for one day. 


No matter what. 


Don't do it for them.


Do it for you--


because loving others just feels great.


I love all of you.


Happy Valentine's Day.

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